Benjamin Franklin (1706—1790)

by Benjamin Franklin (1706—1790)

This proposal by Benjamin Franklin was accepted, with minor corrections, by the provincial d

by Benjamin Franklin (1706—1790)

Franklin Court, Underground Musuem, Philadelphia, PA.

by Benjamin Franklin (1706—1790)

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA.

Top portion of a lightning rod, designed by Benjamin Franklin.

In a land where horsemanship was often men’s touchiest point of pride, Jefferson had to admit he never saw Washington’s like for grace and control in the saddle. A froniter runner and Indian wrestler — his friend George Mercer described his frame as padded with well-developed muscles — Washington had by 1774 refined mere energy down to a grace of least movement, the higher athleticism of the dance. And he danced well.

Garry Wills
Inventing America: Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence (1978)