Benjamin Franklin (1706—1790)

by Benjamin Franklin (1706—1790)

This proposal by Benjamin Franklin was accepted, with minor corrections, by the provincial d

by Benjamin Franklin (1706—1790)

Franklin Court, Underground Musuem, Philadelphia, PA.

by Benjamin Franklin (1706—1790)

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA.

Top portion of a lightning rod, designed by Benjamin Franklin.

... Washington had made every mistake in the book in the New York campaign. He had misread the enemy’s intentions; he had divided his forces in the face of superior numbers; he had provided no cavalry; he had hesitated almost fatally to get his army out of Manhattan once he grasped the folly of keeping it there; he had allowed Greene to persuade him against his better judgment to keep men in Fort Washington; he had allowed a wealth of precious tents, flour, ordnance, and ammunition at Forts Washington and Lee to fall into enemy hands.

Myron Magnet
The Founders at Home: The Building of America, 1735 - 1817 (2014)