Benjamin Franklin (1706—1790)

by Benjamin Franklin (1706—1790)

This proposal by Benjamin Franklin was accepted, with minor corrections, by the provincial d

by Benjamin Franklin (1706—1790)

Franklin Court, Underground Musuem, Philadelphia, PA.

by Benjamin Franklin (1706—1790)

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA.

Top portion of a lightning rod, designed by Benjamin Franklin.

The press was the mass medium of the eighteenth century, the only way to bring both news and commentary to a broad public audience. The popularity of newspapers soared in Revolutionary America: By the late 1780s, the United States had about ninety-five newspapers, over twice the number at the time of independence. Moreover, the newspapers of 1776 were weeklies, but those of 1787 we often published two or three times a week. There were even a few that appeared daily to satisfy the hungry reading public.

Pauline Maier
Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution, 1787—1788 (2010)