John Montresor (1736—99)

by John Montresor (1736—99)

Print; hand-colored by Montresor.

after John Montresor (1736—99)

Print; 23.7 x 19.0 inches (60.3 x 48.3 cm.). Published by George Hayward, New York, NY.

by John Montresor (1736—99)

Map prepared for General William Howe includes detail of Fort Mifflin on Mud Island.

During the war ... Washington thought his way to federalism, long before a Federalist Party existed. He believed in a strong central government, supreme over the states; a strong financial system on the British model, with taxes to fund its debt; a flourishing commerce to create prosperity (and to train seamen for a powerful navy, which would in turn protect shipping); and a strong military. And most officers came out of the experience of the Revolution with the same views.

Myron Magnet
The Founders at Home: The Building of America, 1735 - 1817 (2014)