Physick House


Portrait by Artist to Come




Built in 1786 for Henry Hill (1732 - 98), a wealthy Madeira wine importer, this four-story house is the only remaining free-standing Federal style home in Philadelphia proper. It has been restored to the period of 1815 - 37 when Dr. Philip Syng Physick, considered the father of American surgery, lived there.

Available for guided tours.

No man ever loved Massachusetts with greater intensity than did [Massachusetts Royal Governor] Thomas Hutchinson. He had written her history, fought for her boundaries, re-established her currency, seen to it that her courts and judicial system were kept to a high standard. He had honestly believed in the centralization of power, and that the centre should be in London. The side which won did not, and yet their grandchildren (two of Paul Revere’s among them) were to be dying within a century for the centralization of power in the Federal Government. Hutchinson lost everything by backing the wrong system at the wrong time.... Yet if the other side had won, Thomas Hutchinson would undoubtedly be regarded as one of our great patriots.

Esther Forbes
Paul Revere & The World He Lived In (1942)