Historic Edenton


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Incorporated in 1722, Edenton is North Carolina's second oldest town. Historic Edenton, overlooking Albemarle Sound, features multiple sites for guided and self-guided tours.


1. Barker House
Built in 1772, it was the home of Thomas and Penelope Barker. This lovely home overlooks Edenton Bay.
2. Chowan County Courthouse
Built in 1767 and in excellent condition, Chowan County Courthouse is one of the finest examples of Georgian architecture in the South.
3. Cupola House
Architecturally significant Jacobean-style house completed in 1758; purchased in 1768 by Samuel Dickenson, whose descendents lived there until 1918.
4. James Iredell House
Built in 1773 and purchased five years later by James Iredell, who became an associate justice of the first U.S. Supreme Court.
5. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Completed in 1766, extensive repairs and the addition of a steeple were completed in 1809. Many of the Revolutionary leaders in this area were members of St Paul’s, including Joseph Hewes, Thomas Jones, and James Iredell.

Mocking idleness and turning labor [in the North] into a badge of honor made the South, with its leisured aristocracy supported by slavery, seem even more anomalous than it had been at the time of the Revolution, thus aggravating the growing sectional split in the country. Many Southern aristocrats began emphasizing their cavalier status in contrast to the money-grubbing northern Yankees. They were fond of saying that they were real gentlemen, a rare thing in America.

Gordon S. Wood
Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789–1815 (2009)