Park Street Church


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Founded in 1809 and completed in 1810, Park Street Church became known for supporting Abolitionist causes, hosting an anti-slavery lecture series as early as 1823. Designed by Peter Banner, the 217 ft. steeple of the Church was once the first landmark travelers saw when approaching Boston.

Still an active Congregational Church, Park Street Church is also engaged in many social issues.

Part of the Freedom Trail™.

Mocking idleness and turning labor [in the North] into a badge of honor made the South, with its leisured aristocracy supported by slavery, seem even more anomalous than it had been at the time of the Revolution, thus aggravating the growing sectional split in the country. Many Southern aristocrats began emphasizing their cavalier status in contrast to the money-grubbing northern Yankees. They were fond of saying that they were real gentlemen, a rare thing in America.

Gordon S. Wood
Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789–1815 (2009)