King’s Chapel and Burying Ground


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Intended to be a church that would be the equal of any in England, Kings Chapel magnificent interior is now considered the finest example of Georgian church architecture in North America. It was completed by America’s first architect, Peter Harrison, in 1754. The original plans included a steeple, never built, and a colonnade, which was not completed until after the Revolutionary War. (Note that the exterior columns, while appearing to be in stone, are in fact painted wood.)

The Burying Ground is as old as Boston itself, and was its only burial place for nearly 30 years. John Winthrop, the first Governor of Massachusetts is buried there, as is Paul Revere. William Dawes, the other rider to Lexington and Concord, was also buried there, but his body was later moved (first to the Central Burying Ground then to Forest Hills Cemetery).

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No man ever loved Massachusetts with greater intensity than did [Massachusetts Royal Governor] Thomas Hutchinson. He had written her history, fought for her boundaries, re-established her currency, seen to it that her courts and judicial system were kept to a high standard. He had honestly believed in the centralization of power, and that the centre should be in London. The side which won did not, and yet their grandchildren (two of Paul Revere’s among them) were to be dying within a century for the centralization of power in the Federal Government. Hutchinson lost everything by backing the wrong system at the wrong time.... Yet if the other side had won, Thomas Hutchinson would undoubtedly be regarded as one of our great patriots.

Esther Forbes
Paul Revere & The World He Lived In (1942)