Jupiter Evans

Portrait by Artist to Come

1743 at Shadwell Plantation, Albemarle County, Virginia
1800 at Monticello, Albemarle County, Virginia

House slave on the Shadwell and Tuckahoe Plantations of Peter Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson’s father.

Jupiter and Thomas were both born in 1743 and they grew up together. He was Jefferson’s personal valet until Jefferson married Martha in 1772. Then, at the Monticello plantation, Jefferson chose his wife’s half-brother, Robert, as his valet.

Jupiter Evans was then in charge of the Monticello stables until his death in 1800.

| Jefferson, Thomas


American artillery captain John Henry, the twenty-year-old son of Virginia governor Patrick Henry, had distinguished himself in battle [at Saratoga in 1777]. After the cataclysm died down, he wandered the field, staring at the faces, the blue lips, dead staring eyes and glistening teeth, of men he had known. The sight unhinged him. He broke his sword in half and went raving mad. He disappeared for months and never fought again.

Jack Kelly
Band of Giants: The Amateur Soldiers Who Won America’s Independence (2014)