Thomas Paine

by John Trumbull (1756—1843)

Oil on wood; 10.2 x 8.9 (4 x 3 1/2 in). Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Monticello, Charlottesville, VA.

by Auguste Millière (active 1876—96)

Oil on canvas; 16 x 12 inches (406 x 305 mm). After an

by Laurent Dabos (1762—1835)

Oil on canvas. National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian), Washington, DC.

by Laurent Dabos (1762—1835)

Thomas Paine, c. 1792

by William Sharp (1749—1824)

Engraving. Based on the portrait by British artist George Romney (1734—1802).

Thomas Paine at age 55.

by John Welsey Jarvis (c.1780—1840)

Age 72.

by John Welsey Jarvis (c.1780—1840)

Age 70.

But with the British army evacuated [from Philadelphia in 1778] and the Patriots now in charge, Philadelphia Loyalists were doubly vulnerable to censure and punishment for siding with the Crown and for having consorted with the enemy. The Philadelphia Assembly Appointed [Charles Willson] Peale and four others to be Commissioners of Forfeited Estates, and for that the commissioners would receive a 5 percent commission. Peale’s group had extraordinary power to interrogate suspected traitors, break into houses, remove property, and sell off estates. Writs were issued to seize 118 estates ...

Paul Staiti
Of Arms and Artists: The American Revolution Through Painter’s Eyes (2016)