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A Sovereign People: The Crises of the 1790s and the Birth of American Nationalism
by Carol Berkin
Published: 2017
Jefferson: Architect of American Liberty
by John B. Boles
Published: 2017
Never Caught: The Washingtons' Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge
by Erica Armstrong Dunbar
Published: 2017
The New Map of Empire: How Britain Imagined America before Independence
by S. Max Edelson
Published: 2017
Thomas Jefferson - Revolutionary: A Radical's Struggle to Remake America
by Kevin R.C. Gutzman
Published: 2017
Scars of Independence: America’s Violent Birth
by Holger Hoock
Published: 2017

The First Congress faced a unique challenge, and those congressmen and senators who gathered in New York in the spring of 1789 were awed by what lay ahead of them. Not only would members of the Congress have to pass some promised amendments to the new Constitution, but they would have to fill out the bare framework of a government that the Philadelphia Convention had created, including the organization of the executive and judicial departments. Some therefore saw the First Congress as something in the nature of a second constitutional convention.

Gordon S. Wood
Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, 1789–1815 (2009)